9 Must-Read Juicing Books in 2020

One of the great things about juicing is that there are HUNDREDS of useful resources to guide you on your juicing journey.
In addition to the plethora of online resources (like our blog), there are handfuls of great books and publications that you can benefit from. Not only are books timeless, but they’re also filled with great recipes, tips, and information that you can go back and reference time and time again.
To help you on your juicing journey, we’ve categorized and compiled a list of the best juicing books for you to read this year! 
Top Juicing Book Categories
Click any of these categories to see the best juicing books within that category.

Books About Recipe Creation
Juice Fasts and Detoxing Books
Books About Juicing for Cancer Prevention and Relief
Juicing for Weight Loss Books
Books Written by Juice Companies
New for 2020

Books About Recipe Creation
This book is a must-have for those who are interested in creating their own amazing juicing recipes for either business or personal use.
This guide was written by chef and juice business consultant, Ari Sexner, who has years of experience in the cold-pressed juice industry.  You may have seen Ari at JuiceCon 2019 sharing his knowledge on how to make vibrant juices!
The concept of this book is simple: You are to choose a specific ingredient that you wish to use in your juice. This ingredient can be based on product availability, harvest time, or any extra produce you have laying around.
Once you have your ingredient, you can open to that page in the book and it is there where you will find flavor pairings, nutritional information, and recipe ideas to get you started!
This book isn’t only a recipe book, it’s a great resource to help you develop your own unique recipes!
Books About Juice Fasts and Detoxing
Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life – Cherie Calbom, MS 
If you’re interested in learning more about juicing fasts and juice detoxes – this book is for you. Cherie Calbom , a leading author with over 35 books published related to juicing, is also known as “The Juice Lady.” Cherie has extensive knowledge of whole

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