Deciding Between the X-1 and X-1 Mini for Your Juice Business

X-1 vs X-1 Mini
It may be hard to decide on whether you should invest in an X-1 Mini or upgrade to the X-1 when either starting your juice business or adding juice to your current offerings at a restaurant or cafe. This article should make the decision easy.
The Goodnature X-1 and the X-1 Mini
X-1 Mini
The Mini is great for two use cases: Making bottles of juice to stock in a refrigerator or for delivery, and making made-to-order / on-demand juice.
Bottled juice
The Mini is our smallest unit available, and is a great machine for most small juice producers. The most popular use case for the Mini is to produce bottles of juice for a refrigerator or for delivery. This is the machine we recommend for clients wishing to make 20 – 200 bottles of juice per day. At that volume, the X-1 Mini can efficiently produce what you need at a regular work pace. The Mini is capable of producing much more juice than this, but it’s highly dependent on the recipes and how fast the user is working. We’ve seen in normal work environments with a mix of recipes about 20-30 bottles per hour production. If you are making pure apple juice and working as fast as you can, you could realistically double this output or more.
Made-to-order juice
The X-1 Mini can also be used for made-to-order / on-demand juice if the work-space is set up properly. There are two speeds on the machine, the faster speed being for single servings of juice. A single juice can go from raw produce to juice in about two minutes.
Since the machine will sometimes need to be rinsed between recipes, it’s best if the machine is located on a counter that is made of stainless steel and has a drain built in so the machine can be rinsed in place without worrying about making a mess on the counter top. You can view this thread on the community forums for more info. If the space cannot be washed down, the X-1 Mini is probably not the best choice for made-to-order juice.

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