Comparing M-1 vs X-1 Mini vs X-1 Juice Presses

Quick overview
Before we get into the details, I think it’s important to give a quick overview of our three most popular cold-press juicers:

M-1: The Goodnature M-1 is our smallest available commercial juice press, that is meant for making a single serving of juice per press (about 16 – 20 ounces) in under 3 minutes.  Capable of producing 20 servings per hour, you can expect 10-15 per hour if you include prep and cleanup.
X-1 Mini: The Goodnature X-1 Mini is the next step up, capable of producing 3-4 servings per press (40-60 ounces). Capable of producing up to 60-70 bottles of juice per hour, you can expect about 20-40 per hour including prep and cleanup.
X-1: The Goodnature X-1 is a beast of a machine that makes 2-3 gallons per press. Capable of producing hundreds of bottles of juice per hour, you can expect about 80 – 100 per hour in a normal juicing operation.

All three products make what is known as the world’s best juice. Goodnature machines are genuine juice presses with a moving plate – meaning you get the most pure, clean, nutritious juice you can possibly make. Since Goodnature juicers remove almost all of the indigestible fiber, your body can absorb the nutrients quickly and efficiently without over-working. Check out the Goodnature Difference to learn more.
Pro tip: Some manufacturers of other types of juicers – like masticating or “auger” juicers advertise them as “cold-press juicers” when there is no actual press contained in the machine. Only a true press can be a “cold-press”.
M-1 vs X-1 Mini
If you’re looking at the smaller end of our range, you will be deciding between the M-1 and the X-1 Mini. The easiest way to narrow down the options is to ask yourself what is the primary purpose of your business. If your primary business is selling  bottled cold-pressed juice, then you should most certainly be looking to invest in the X-1 Mini or maybe even the X-1 if you can find the funding and the space for it.

25 Minute Juicing Session on the Goodnature M-1 (time lapse) – Including Prep and Cleanup

The M-1

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