DIY Frozen Smoothie Packs on a Budget

Ever wonder if it is possible to prep a month of green smoothies on a budget, using mostly organic produce? Well, I did it and created a TON of frozen smoothie packs to show off to you so you can do it next…

I’m all about fueling my body with whole foods, yet I also have to watch our monthly budget. To do this successfully, I used our Simple 7 Guidebook for our free 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. This includes a shopping list, which makes 7 green smoothie recipes using only 7 ingredients!

I invited my friend Erin along for some shopping at Costco, a member-only, bulk-grocery store to purchase as much organic produce as we could afford, and have enough ingredients to prep a month of green smoothie.

Did we succeed? Check out this video below, or read on to see our results!

Smoothie Shopping at Costco

There are so many reasons we love to shop at Costco. They strive to offer organic options, they have a great produce section, and it’s possible to get all the smoothie ingredients in one place! Costco stores can be found all over the world, yet each location has slightly different food selections.

No, we did not get endorsed/sponsored by Costco to do this experiment. Quite the opposite. We actually had to be sneaky in the store so we didn’t get kicked out for recording without permission. I felt like I was 15 again. 🙂

Frozen Smoothie Ingredients

To make frozen smoothie packs, we suggest using a combination of frozen and fresh produce. Frozen fruit is not second place to fresh. It’s a great option on its own because it’s picked at the peak of the season, then sliced and frozen for us. Plus it saves money…. and we’re on a budget here.

In the Costco freezer aisle, you can get organic strawberries and pineapple. While we hoped to score some frozen organic mango too, there was none in sight. Sniff Sniff. So we headed to the fresh produce section next.

Fresh Smoothie Ingredients

In the fresh produce section, we found organic bananas, mango, oranges, and organic spinach. We couldn’t

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