Goodnature World Juicing Championship 2019 – Video and Winning Recipes

At JuiceCon 2019 we launched the premiere of the World Juicing Championship, with six contestants from five countries. Prizes included thousands of dollars in cash, a Goodnature M-1, and the title of World Juicing Champion.
Watch all the action below!

Goodnature WJC 2019 – World Juicing Championship Full Event Video

The Winning Recipes
Best Bottled Juice
“The Purple Roots” – Valentin Parent, France

Red cabbage juice
Apple juice
Daikon juice
Golden beet juice
Parsnip juice

Best Composed Juice Drink
“Corn Latte” – Lucia Cuellar, Mexico

Cashew milk
Corn juice
Orange juice
Maple syrup
Cinnamon powder
Pink Himalayan sea salt
Orange peel for garnish

Served warm!
Best Cocktail (Alcoholic)
“The Franklin” – Krystina Tucci, New Jersey, US

Bulleit bourbon
Butternut squash juice
Apple juice
Orange juice
Cranberry juice
Lemon juice
Ginger juice
Maple syrup

Overall Champion – Kwai-Chang Publico, Hawaii, US
Kwai-Chang Publico of Hilo, Hawaii proudly holding the first-ever WJC trophy
Cocktail – “Sunrise Mimosa”

Pineapple juice
Lime  juice
ʻOlena (turmeric) juice
Ginger  juice
Green apple juice
Spanish champagne

Bottled Juice – “Above and Beyond”

Green apple juice
Ginger juice
Lemon juice
Blue spirulina

Composed Juice Drink – “Haka”

Beet juice
Daikon juice
Orange juice
Red apple juice

How to Participate in Future Events
Please use the link on this page to apply for future events. We will make an announcement when we set a date for the next WJC event!
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