Holiday Nut Mylk Recipe – Cold Pressed Peppermint Patty

Our healthy Peppermint Patty Nut Mylk will satisfy cravings for chocolate and peppermint this holiday season! Recipe tested in the Goodnature Kitchen and formulated by Ari Sexner, our talented chef and juice business consultant.  Recipe yields about 2 gallons / 23 bottles (12 oz servings).
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280 oz

95 oz
soaked raw almonds (skin on)

24 oz
pitted and soaked dates

9 tbl
organic cacao powder

3 tbl
organic peppermint extract

3 tbl
pure vanilla

1.5 tbl
pink himalayan salt

A healthy holiday treat!

Put almonds in a container and fill with water, cover. Soak in refrigerator for 48 hours. For the last hour of soaking, add the dates to the water so they re-hydrate.
Drain water, rinse and drain again.
Process almonds, dates and cacao powder, blending with the 280 oz of water.
Add the slurry into press bag, then press.
Whisk vanilla, peppermint, and salt into mylk.

Pro Tips:  

For the vanilla, you can use liquid extract, paste or vanilla bean. If using the bean, process 3 beans with the almonds and dates. We used a pure vanilla bean paste which is made from both vanilla extract and vanilla beans.
We recommend using a wide weave bag when pressing – it makes a creamier nut mylk.
If you are looking to make more or less servings of this recipe, you can use the percentages chart below to formulate your own:

Peppermint patty recipe by percentages
Another word (or two) about nut mylk:

For a step by step video on how to make nut mylk using the Goodnature X-1 (the most popular commercial juice press in the world), go here.
Nut mylk tastes great in coffee and is a healthy alternative to flavored creamer!
Making nut mylk produces a unique byproduct – tasty pulp that can be used in a multitude of recipes, so don’t throw it out! Try this delicious recipe using nut mylk pulp: Vegan Basil Pesto

Let us know how you like the recipe and please share your favorite nut mylk recipe with our readers by commenting below!
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