Self Care Tips for Busy Days

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Confession: I used to think self care was a completely selfish thing. It was one of those trendy words that people used to justify doing whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. It usually involved in-home-thousands-of-dollar saunas, weekly green juice delivery and swanky Thailand vacations.

That sorta stuff just doesn’t resonate with me.

It wasn’t until I read the book Essentialism that I saw a different side to self care. Through incorporating a variety of self care tips, I could see it was truly about making space in our lives to do the things that matter most to us… deep within our core. And that is what unleashes our passions to make the world a better place. Self care can ( and should!) look vastly different to each of us, and I believe that’s 100% okay.

What are examples of self care is…

Below are what I consider self care for me. Now, this list will look different for you, but this will at least allow you to see what it can look like.

Running 10+ miles each weekend to train for the Grand Canyon R3

Primitive camping with friends around a bonfire

Flying a twin-engine airplane

Making a delicious green smoothie

Taking a long, extra hot shower

Bi-monthly massages + chiropractor adjustments

What are the benefits of self care?

Living in a world that feels like it’s always going 100MPH and celebrates multitasking and climbing the corporate ladder, self care is MORE essential than ever before. If we don’t take time to get clear on our core values and intentionally nurture them, we’ll lose what makes us unique.

A few years ago, I felt like I was working or thinking about work all the time. I would try and unplug on the weekends, only to find myself on my phone while the kids would be running around the playground. My to-do list was crushing me. I thought the more I focused on it and crossed things off, the smaller the list would get. But it didn’t. Every day, more would get added to it by me… or others that I say YES to.

I realized that I had to change if I ever wanted to get out of this cycle.

Change is hard in the beginning. Messy in the middle. Gorgeous at the end.

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