Top 5 Smoothie Blending Mistakes

We recently asked our rawkstar community what blending mistakes they’ve made, and the results are in! The truth is: Not all green smoothies turn out the way we want (and it could be due to one of these common mistakes).

Get ready to turn that smoothie from #smoothiefail to #smoothiewin after learning these simple fixes to the top 5 blending mistakes.

Adding Too Many Frozen Ingredients

In almost every green smoothie recipe we share, we recommend at least 1 frozen fruit (or ice cubes) for a refreshing smoothie. Yet what happens when all the fruit is frozen and our blender just can’t cut through the frost?

You get a chunky, thick smoothie that even a straw can’t suck down.

The easiest solution is to make sure the smoothie has a mix of frozen and fresh fruits/veggies. If that isn’t an option (yay for prepped ahead smoothie ingredients!), we’ve still got you covered:

Try letting the frozen ingredients thaw in the fridge overnight, so they are still cold, yet thawed for easier blending. Or, place frozen ingredients in the blender, then pour the liquid over them. Let the ingredients sit in the blender cup while you get ready for the day. The liquid will help thaw the frozen ingredients out a bit before blending, so the blender isn’t working quite so hard.Add a little extra liquid to help the blender along.

Not Adding Enough Liquid

We’ve all been there and heard that noise. You know, the one where the ingredients are all added, then the blender is turned on. All the sudden, the motor moves into high gear though nothing in the blender is moving.

Most likely, there was not enough liquid added, and the ingredients are now in a blob. Never fear, a simple fix is here! Adding a bit more liquid can get that blender on the move again. Our top secret blending formula is: 1 cup leafy greens + 1 cup liquid + 1.5 cups fruit for one green smoothie serving.

Yet, these amounts change, when changing or adding to the recipe. For example, some superfoods like to absorb the liquid (like chia seeds). Start

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