Types of Juicers

Juicing has become one of the hottest trends of the health market these days and there’s a good possibility that you’re looking at buying your own juicer.
Deciding that you want to juice is already a great first step. But now you’re probably left wondering what the best type of juicer is. There are so many on the market and they all have different features. So which one is right for you?
Before buying a juicer, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions.

How much time are you willing to put into juicing?
Will your juice be a quick healthy snack or a health ritual that you’re looking to put your effort into?
Is extracting the most juice from your fruits and vegetables and obtaining the highest amount of nutrients important to you? Or does convenience trump all?

Once you’ve considered your answer to each question, read on (or watch the video below) to see which juicer fits your needs the best.
There are four different major kinds of types of juicers: a centrifugal force juicer, masticating juicer, twin gear juicer, and a juice press. Keep scrolling to see the pros and cons of each type of juicer.

Types of Juicers – Top Juicing Technologies Explained

Centrifugal Force Juicer
A centrifugal juicer, also known as a fast juicer, is the most popular type of home juicer. The biggest selling point is the fact that they are a cheap juicer to buy. So how does it work? It takes the fruits and vegetables through a feed tube and directly into contact with a blade that shreds them at 6,000-14,000 RPM. The juice is thrown by the centrifugal force of the spinning basket towards the sides and pushed through a sharp screen into a jug or glass. The juice that is made from a centrifugal juicer tends to separate quickly and includes up to 30% solids including skins, seeds, and stems.
Centrifugal juicer

They are fastest at extracting juice from fruits and vegetables, especially if you have one with a tube that is wide enough to take on whole small apples, cucumbers, or oranges
They stand upright so they take up minimal space

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