What is Cold-Pressed Juice, Really?

“What is cold-pressed juice? And why is it so much better than other types of juices?”
Since you’re reading this article, it’s a safe bet that either you or your juice business customers have asked these questions.
Making cold-pressed juice is a simple and fascinating process that creates a nutrient-dense, delicious, healthy juice.
These attributes have led to an explosion in cold-pressed juice interest. In October of 2018, Yahoo Finance stated that the cold-pressed juice market will top $8.1 Billion by 2024.
With the increase of cold-pressed juice, we think now is a great time to explain what it is and how it’s made. Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

Health Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice
The Cold-Pressed Method & Equipment
Shelf Life
High-Pressure Processing

Health Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice
When making cold-pressed juice, fresh fruits and vegetables are placed into a hydraulic or pneumatic (air cylinder powered) press that applies pressure to the produce to extract the maximum amount of juice from the flesh. This method preserves the integrity of the juice, leaving it packed full with its original nutrients. Cold-pressed juice is known for its health benefits including:

Boosting the body’s immune system with vitamin C
Lowering cholesterol
Promoting weight loss
Increasing energy
Improving vision and eye health  
Protecting against disease
Improving skin imperfections
Assisting in body detox

Quality is everything when it comes to juice
The Cold-Pressed Method & Equipment
We like to compare the juicing process to a nice produce massage – we like to say that happy juice comes from happy fruit! In the cold-press juicing process, no heat is used to extract the juice, meaning there is no loss in nutrients, enzymes, or vitamins in the raw juice.
There are several different types of  juicers that can be used to make raw juice, but only a real juice press can make real cold-pressed juice. Each type of juicer comes with their own benefits and considerations – to learn more in-depth information about the different juicers on the market, read on below and also on our blog here.

Centrifugal Juicer
This juicer forces the produce towards and through a sharp screen by a moving blade with sharp

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